Getting started


  1. Register.
  2. Choose which device(s) you want to make calls with.
  3. Log in MyVoipTiger and click on "Telephony Settings" on the right. On the "SIP Account(s)" screen you will find your SIP account and password. Enter these in your favourite device (SIP client) and you are ready to start calling.
In MyVoipTiger you can buy a local number (available in 53 countries) under "Phone Number(s)", you can port your current number(s) or you can show an existing (mobile) number to make outbound calls.
Here you can find the settings for different brands and devices and the general settings.


  1. Execute the steps for Small mentioned above.
  2. Configure your PBX.


  1. Execute the steps for Small mentioned above (and possibly the steps for Medium depending on your needs).
  2. Configure your call center options.

If you should have any questions or be in need of help you can consult our extensive support pages or create a ticket.



Getting Started

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