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VoipTiger can easily be self-managed and configured. However in larger organizations, the telecom infrastructure is not always transparent, which makes it difficult to determine what you need exactly to switch to VoipTiger. Therefore, we provide the possibility to implement VoipTiger by one of our authorized partners. Our Partner makes an assessment together with you (and your IT partner) of your current setup is and how it can be migrated.  He carries out what was agreed - without interruption of your services - and he can take on any post installation support.

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A VoipTiger standard implementation consists of 3 steps:

1. Test setup and Audit - € 100

The VoipTiger partner comes to you on site to:
  • Install 2 Grandstream IP-phones with € 10 free call credit so you can test VoipTiger (if your current network does not need (firewall) adjustments);
  • Check the existing Internet or - if necessary - to propose an upgrade and take care of it;
  • Asses the current situation (Switch, alarm, bank terminal, fax ...);
  • Asses the internal infrastructure (network load, firewall, ...);
  • Explain different implementation possibilities;
  • Evaluate if VoipTiger is actually the best solution for you.
In any case this audit gives you valuable information about your telecom infrastructure. The fee of €100 is void if you choose to implement VoipTiger.  After the audit, you will receive a commercial proposal for the implementation of VoipTiger in your business.

2. Preparation of implementation - € 100

If you decide to implement VoipTiger, VoipTiger’s partner can remotely:
  • Create your VoipTiger account;
  • Charge call credit;
  • Set VoipTiger cloud PBX;
  • If necessary, follow the upgrade of the Internet;
  • If necessary, bring the administration for number portability in order.

3. Implementation on location - € 70/IP-device (4 devices)

At time and date agreed, VoipTiger’s Partner will come one last time on location:
  • To scroll through the settings of the PBX (Groups, IVR, Vacations & Holidays ...);
  • To explain the user console;
  • To unpack and install the IP-phones;
  • To perform firmware upgrades of the devices;
  • To install the equipment;
  • To configure the devices according to your needs;
  • To explain how to use the various functions (call transfer/call pick-up/…).

If there are more than 4 devices, you pay € 40/installation for every additional device. Max 1 hour on location/device to install, after € 70/hour.

Non standard - € 70/hour and, or hardware cost

An estimation of these costs is made after the audit in the commercial proposal.

  • Emergency adjustments
  • Bank terminal
  • Analog Fax
  • Cabling Adjustments
  • Switch
  • ATA for analogue doorbell
  • Firewall adjustments
  • ...


Ask your IT-manager (or IT-Partner) to attend the audit and implementation so that the implementation can run smoothly. Optionally your IT-manager (or IT-Partner) can perform part of the deployment in cooperation with VoipTiger’s partner which can save you implementation costs. The implementation is to be paid to VoipTiger’s partner who is responsible for the implementation.



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