IP (Video)Phone


Continue to use a traditional looking telephone

You want to keep using traditional looking phones but you want to cancel your expensive ISDN/PSTN lines? An IP Phone is the solution to your problem. Connect it to your internet connection and start calling. An IP Video Phone allows you to see the person you are calling as well.
  • Continue calling as you are used to using a traditional looking phone.
  • Make calls at the very advantageous VoipTiger rates.
  • Move your device to another desk or location without any hassle. You only have to connect it to the internet connection.
  • When used in combination with the option iPBX you have at your disposal a complete telephony solution for your company.


In our webshop you can purchase Grandstream IP (Video) Phones at advantageous prices. Support is offered on these devices.
You can also connect IP (Video) devices from other manufacturers such as Snom, Polycom, Siemens (Gigaset IP-phones). Our SIP accounts can also be used in VoIP routers such as those manufactured by AVM and Cisco. These brands are compatible but not supported.


The Grandstream IP-(video) phones we sell in our shop are configured automatically by our servers.

Watch the movie:

All other IP (Video) Phones are easily and quickly configured. The correct settings for each type of IP (Video) Phone can be found here.


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