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Exceptional call rates

The same advantageous rates, no matter where you are calling from to any telephony network in the world. No roaming fees. We adapt our rates every month, always assuring you the cheapest rates and premium gold quality routes.

  • All call tariff pricing does not include VAT.
  • Calls are charged per second, starting from the first second*.
  • No distinction between peak and off-peak hours.
  • No setup cost.
  • No cost for incoming calls (roaming fee).
  • FREE use of the PBX.
  • VoipTiger can't be used for emergency calling nor for calling to premium rate numbers

* The below destinations will be billed at non standard intervals (calls charged per minute):
Gambia 60-60, Mexico 60-60, Tonga 60-60, Vanuatu 60-60, Samoa 60-60, Papua New Guinea 60-60, Nauru 60-60, Kiribati 60-60, Suriname 60-60, Niue 60-60, Haiti 60-60.



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