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FREE advanced hosted (cloud) PBX

On top of the Small and Large features you have at your disposal a FREE advanced cloud PBX (hosted IP-PBX) that you can completely configure yourself.  The cloud PBX replaces your classical hardware (IP-)PBX in your office(s). You can open a virtual office anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

The cloud PBX can easily be configured without any hardware or maintenance costs. You can have up to 80 concurrent calls over 1 internet connection (depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection (VDSL/Cable)).


Enjoy these advanced options for FREE

Queue with music
Different messages can be played to your customers while they are waiting on the phone. Your customer can leave a message.

Automatic call distribution
During and after office hours your calls can be transferred to any employee you choose. Holidays as well can be easily set up.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
For commercial queries press 1, For technical queries press 2,....


Know when your colleague is busy or (un)available, so you do not unnecessarily call or forward.

Set up a call with 8 participants or give your employees the phone number of your meeting room.

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You can also add a mobile number to the queue. Our PBX asks whether you want to accept the call or not. This way your customer will not end up on your Mobile's voicemail.
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On top of the Small and Medium features you can have at your disposal all the large (call center) features.

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