The days of traditionalconventional telephony are officially over

VOIPTIGER is the industry-leading provider for your VOIP needs

FREE advanced cloud PBX

Made for everyone and fully manageable by yourself, our modern VoIP PBX system provides a reliable and unlimited telephony solution that suits everyone needs.

Easy and simple setup

No complicated installations needed. VoipTiger can easily be configured based on the communication needs of your organization. Have your virtual phone service up in no time.

Mobile and flexible VoIP system

The best part about IP-based virtual phone service is that it leverages the internet by letting you make calls and receive calls from anywhere around the globe.

No need for hardware

Unlike on-premise systems that require expensive hardware like servers and PBX boxes, VoipTIger only needs internet-connected devices like computers, laptops, and mobile devices to work. Just log in to your VoipTiger account and you are ready to go.

24/7 support

From implementation to technical support, VoipTiger stands by you s with our award-winning customer support team 24/7. This is not just for problems and technical issues. You can count on us for consultations and best-practice recommendations.

No more expensive mobile or fixed phone bills

The same exceptionally advantageous rates, no matter where you are calling from, to all telephony networks across the world. No roaming fees.  Call super cheap using WIFI or 4/5G on your smartphone.

No hidden additional costs

There are no additional monthly fees nor costs. You only pay for outbound calls and inbound phone numbers.
All our PBX features are FREE.

Phone numbers in 50+ countries

Order a new phone number or let us port you existing number.  50+ countries available.


We offer PREMIUM voice termination and cooperate with 4 of the world’s leading carriers. Our network infrastructure is fully redundant and is located in 2 datacenters.  Uptime is at least 99,7% of the time guaranteed. Our platform has been developed in-house and is built around core carrier grade switching technology offering you the best VoIP quality available on the market.

FREE cloud PBX features

Auto Attendants allow you to set up a touchtone menu for your callers. For example, press 1 for the Sales, 2 for Support, etc.

Automatically distribute calls to your sales or support representatives and provide a waiting room for overflow callers.

Send Calls to Different Destinations Based on Your Open/Closed Hours.

Setup a mailbox to manage voice messages and custom greetings.

Allow callers to record messages when you’re away and have those messages sent to your email as an audio file.

Play a recorded message to your callers when they reach a menu or enter into a queue.

Music on hold settings allow you to control the music your callers hear when they are placed on hold.

Handle all calls with ease: Place them on hold, mute them, and transfer them to colleagues.

We provide SIP trunks for business connectivity.

Receive incoming calls on all of your VoipTiger-registered devices, such as desk phones, desktop apps or mobile VOIP apps.

A user can set how long his/her ring time is and where to send a call if it’s not answered (to a voicemail box, an external phone number, or any other destination in the VoipTiger PBX).

Dial international phone numbers from your VoipTiger account.

Record both inbound and outgoing calls.  Download recordings from MyVoipTiger.

Set up your phone system in 3 easyquick steps

Buy Virtual Phone Numbers of 50+ Countries. Start Making and Receiving Calls across the globe.

First Step

Register and create a free account
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Second Step

Choose and configure your device.  You can use any (Free) SIP client on routers, desktop, smartphone or fixed/wireless IP phones.

Third Step

Start calling and receiving calls around the world.
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