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Complete VoIP solution for the office, call center, at home and on the road.

The days of traditional telephony are officially over

In today's world the internet is fast and stable enough to be able to make high-quality calls.
The internet is everywhere: at the office, at home, at a restaurant or a bar or even on the street.

No more expensive mobile or fixed phone bills

The same exceptionally advantageous rates, no matter where you are calling from, to all telephony networks across the world. No roaming fees. We adapt our rates every 3 months so you are always calling at the cheapest rates.

VoipTiger has the solution for big and small

Whether you are a private customer or a company with 10,000 employees, you will be able to configure VoipTiger in no time to suit your every need.

Not yet convinced? Try out VoipTiger now

Register now and receive €0,15 in FREE call credit! Good for about 10 minutes depending on your destination. You can test VoipTiger for free, without any additional charges or commitment.


We offer PREMIUM voice termination and cooperate with 2 of the world’s leading carriers. Our network infrastructure is fully redundant and is located in 2 datacenters.  Uptime is at least 99,7% of the time guaranteed. Our platform has been developed in-house and is built around core carrier grade switching technology offering you the best VoIP quality available on the market.



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