How to configure LINPHONE

Use a SIP account Username and displayname: enter the SIP account number SIP domain: Password : enter the SIP account password Transport: TCP Then click use.

How to configure a FRITZ!Box modem

Add or edit a telephone number / SIP account   Check: Use internet telephone number Telephone Number for Registration / Internal Telephone Number / Display name:  your SIP account number User name : your SIP account number Password: your SIP account password Registrar: Click OK When status is GREEN the SIP account is correctly configured and registered. Add the Telephone number to a device If you want to connect...

How to configure ZOIPER (Windows desktop)

Click on CREATE ACCOUNT: Choose BELGIUM and then VOIPTIGER from the list: Username : enter the SIP account number Password : enter the SIP account password Then click LOGIN. Click the cross and you are ready to start making and receiving calls.    

How to configure Yealink phones

Configure the SIP account Label, Display Name, Register Name and User Name:  fill in your SIP account number (not the phone number). Password:  fill in the SIP account password Server host: Transport: TCP Server expires: 3600 Configure codecs See our supported codecs.

Supported codecs

We support the following voice codecs: G711/ALAW/PCMA G729 We also have video codecs enabled that you can use but we don't offer support for video related configuration or issues.